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Welcome to AARDS Online
AARDS (Australian Advertising Rates and Data Service) is Australia's most authoritative source of advertising rates and specifications, updated weekly. It covers consumer magazines, business magazines, newspapers, rural press, television, radio, web and outdoor advertising in Australia.

AARDS Online provides the following services:

Freetext Search
A free text search engine where you can type in any word(s) and receive a comprehensive list of search results.

Guided Search
This search guides you through the categories. It also provides information about the categoriesby clicking on the icon (i) next to the category name.

Title Browse
Browse through an alphabetical list of media outlets and titles.

Comparison Builder
Add media outlets and titles to a folder as you search through the listings and when you're ready the Comparison Builder will produce a comparitive report of your selections. Compare rates, circulation and other data.

Who's Who
Trying to find someone? Just use the Who's Who search engine.

The Bulletin
A list of all the latest changes in the media industry.